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The Green Light Project was started by the Yale Humanist Community, a 501(c)(3) that provides connection for the non-religious at Yale University and Southern Connecticut, grounded in ethics and respectfully bridging philosophical divides through understanding. This is an initiative to create a light-based art installation that will serve as a gift to all people, seasonally displayed on the Green in the heart of the Greater New Haven Community. Symbolizing “people united by values rather than divided by beliefs,” the hope and beauty of the human spirit is captured in this sculpture that complements the Christmas tree, menorah, and manger scene, which adorn the New Haven Green annually. During the coldest and darkest season of the year, this piece of public art will go up annually to celebrate our ability as human beings to come together and create light and warmth, and share a message of unity across lines of difference.

This project is being created for the community and by the community. If you’d like to support the costs of the sculpture, please consider making a donation below:


About The Sculpture

After a lengthy process, open to all interested artists whose designs and approaches were thoughtfully considered, Edwin “Ted” Salmon was chosen to create the Green Light Project sculpture. Mr. Salmon is a metallurgical sculptor with a fabrication studio in East Haven, CT.  His work graces the Marriott Hotel in downtown Brooklyn, NY, is on permanent display at the Ellison Center for the Arts in Duxbury, MA and is available at Green Gallery in Guilford, CT.

The sculpture will be an aluminum and Plexiglas obelisk with nine sides representing the original nine squares of the New Haven Colony. It will stand 12 feet high and be reminiscent of a lighthouse, which represents the strong tie across the Greater New Haven community to the shoreline. The panels of the obelisk will showcase water-jet images of the natural, architectural and humanity aspects of our community. This interactive light sculpture will glow warmer as more people gather around it.

The Time Capsule

Did you know a time capsule was uprooted from the New Haven Green when the Lincoln Tree was blown over by Superstorm Sandy in 2012? The Green Light Project will bring a time capsule back to the Green.  This time capsule will include messages of goodwill, reflections on what is best about our community and much more. The messages come from you and other members of our local to global community. 

What do you love about the Greater New Haven community that you want to be sure is not forgotten?

Time Message

The Location

The New Haven Green is a focal point for the entire Greater New Haven area. A gathering space for major events including the International Festival of Arts & Ideas, public entertainment, the annual Jazz Festival, political rallies, and more. It has been the go-to destination for centuries to the immediate surrounding towns of Bethany, Branford, East Haven, Guilford, Hamden, Madison, Milford, New Haven, North Branford, North Haven, Orange, West Haven, Woodbridge, and beyond. We have worked closely with the City of New Haven and the Committee of the Proprietors of the Common and Undivided Lands in New Haven, and this universal sculpture, whose light will touch people of all faiths and philosophies equally, will be displayed on the New Haven Green during the winter months.

Greater NH Area Towns Map

Greater New Haven has more than 500,000 permanent residents, 40,000 college students and 2.8 million visitors per year.

Pin and NH Green

The Budget

The cost of the basic steel and Plexiglas sculpture is $40,000. Making it interactive with motion sensors and lights that change when more and more people gather around it will increase the cost by an additional $15,000. Getting the word out to everyone in the community so that all may have the opportunity to include a message in the time capsule and enjoy this community initiative, participating in more than 30 community-wide events and festivals celebrating community and art, covering necessities such as transportation, insurance, installation, time capsule message archiving, and all else that completes the project brings the total budget to $103,500. 

Please click on one of the donate buttons on this website and make a financial contribution to this very special project. Thank you.

The Events

We hope you enjoyed one or all of these celebrations:

Westville – Artwalk Saturday, May 7, 11a – 4p, Edgewood Park

Celebrate the Hill Saturday, May 28, 1p – 5p, Trowbridge Square Park

Celebrate Our Fair Haven Monday, May 30, 2p – 7p, Columbus Family Academy

Celebrate Our Dixwell Saturday, June 4, 12p – 5p, Scantlebury Park

International Festival of Arts & Ideas – Maker Mania Saturday, June 11, 1p – 5:30p, New Haven Green

Savin Rock Festival Sunday, July 31, 12p – 5p, Savin Rock Park, West Haven

Art As Social Justice and Gallery Showing – October 23, 2016. A panel discussion with seven of Connecticut’s renowned artists.

Humanity Calamity – November 13, 2016. Featuring Treehouse Comedy Productions and the music of Lamont Hiebert.


We gratefully acknowledge the following volunteers and contributors of goods, services, and ideas, and all those who are helping to make this endeavor a success!

101 Art Threads

American Humanist


Tambira Armmand

The Arts Council of Greater

  New Haven



Tanya Barrett

Black Hog

Chelsea Blink

Rebecca Bombero

Chance Bonar

Breakfast Lunch and Dinner

Nate Bresnick

Eoin Burke

Katie Byrnes

Susan Campbell

Craig Canfield

Samuel Carmody


Shane Cecchetti

Joanne Choma

The Connecticut Coalition

  of Reason

Cindy Clair

Laura Clark

Committee of the Proprie-

  tors of the Common and

  Undivided Lands in New


Matt Croasmun

Alex Dakoulas

Mary Dansinghani

The Devil’s Gear Bike Shop

Tamara Dimitri


Lizzy Donius

Professor Drew Days

Carlos de la Torre

Jeffrey Devereaux

Eileen Dooling

Amy Durbin

Elm City Games

Elm City Vineyard Church

EWS3D, Inc.

Farm Belly

Susan Fishman

Dan Fitzmaurice

Adam Garner

Bree Garrison

Gabriel Geist

Fernando Giron

Stephen Goeman

Melissa Gonzales and

  Holiday Haven

Greater New Haven Saint

  Patrick’s Day Parade

Kathleen and Mitchell Green

The Grove

Daniel Gullotta

Karl Hansen

The Happiness Lab at The Grove

Hartford Area Humanists

Debra Heese

Peter Helms

Humanist Association of


Humanists and Freethinkers of

  Fairfield County

International Festival of Arts

  & Ideas

Kari Henkelmann Keyl 

Darby Henry

Lamont Hiebert

Lucinda Huffaker

Mary Johnson

Aly Jones

Junzi Kitchen

Elena Kagan

Christina Kane

Allene Kelly

Nancy Kelly

Tom Krattenmaker

Ash Lago

John Lago

John Lago, III

Ike Lasater

Miles Lasater

Joan Linley

Long Wharf Theatre

Matt Lopez

LunchBox 23

The Mark Twain House and


Miya’s Sushi

Erika Morrison

Quentin Narcisse

New Haven Department of

  Parks, Recreation and


New Haven Museum

Onyeka Obiocha

Overshores Brewery

Katie Piascyk

Lynn Piekarz

Mike Pohl

Julian Reid

Mike Rhodes

Kamie Richard

Fiona Riebeling

Frank Robacker

Rachel Roth

April Ruiz

Edwin “Ted” Salmon

Shake Shack

Sarah Sherban

Richard and Carol Siddall

Site Projects

Christopher Stedman

Rabbi Steven Steinberg

Strange Ways

Margaret Anne


Under 91 Project

United Church on the Green

Alonso Villegas

Vintanthromodern Vintage

Wadsworth Atheneum

  Museum of Art

Donna Wardle

Wendy Webber

Westville ArtWalk

Chris Willems

Aicha Woods

Yale University

Yale University Chaplain’s


Yorkside Pizza

…and many others!

There are several opportunities for philanthropists, corporations and other major sponsors to fulfill community relations goals by supporting this project. Acknowledgement plaques of major donors will be incorporated into the obelisk, and event sponsors will be given recognition including through media releases, signage and during presentations.

When the Green Light Project was just beginning,

here’s what people were saying…

“The group is also planning to launch a campaign to erect a sculpture celebrating human values during next year’s holiday season.”

Register Staff

Yale Humanist Community to hold nonreligious celebration of winter solstice Sunday on Green, New Haven Register

“There’s a push in New Haven to light more than the tree on the Green. The Yale Humanist Community kicked off the Green Light Project last night. The group is encouraging people to celebrate the joy of the season even if they aren’t religious. They are working to create an art project to add to the Green to show that people can come together.”

NBC Connecticut

Reporting on the Green Light Project, NBC Connecticut

Yale Humanist Commucropped-YHC-Logo.pngnity | 760 Chapel Street New Haven, CT 06510 | 203.900.7942 |

YHC is spear-heading this community-wide initiative in collaboration with the many people and organizations you have read about on this website.  It is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and all donations toward the Green Light Project are used for that endeavor.  To see how those funds are used, please refer to the budget section above.  All funds remaining will go toward the endowment to cover the annual costs of assembling the obelisk each winter season, taking it down at the end of the season, transporting it, storing it, and the on-going insurance and maintenance costs.


Public art feeds our spirit, and donations feed public art!

Need More Information?

Yale Humanist Community | 760 Chapel Street New Haven, CT 06510 | 203.900.7942 |

Please consider donating toward the Green Light Project:

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